Insomniac Studios - Marketing, Logo Design and Advertising in Rochester, NY

Insomniac Studios - Marketing Services and Logo Design in Rochester, NY

Never Rest


Small-Batch, Free-Range, Late-Night Creative Marketing

Insomniac Studios specializes in bespoke marketing services, logo and graphic design and advertising. Since 1997, Insomniac Studios has helped clients share their stories and reach new audiences.


Inspire, Inform and Influence

A good idea needs to be more than just a good-looking idea. It has to work for our clients. At Insomniac Studios, design and strategy collide to inspire hearts, inform minds and influence change.



BE YOU. Bring what you do together under a strong, unique and consistent logo. Insomniac Studios creates logos and identity suites for your company or organization.

Marketing Services

TELL YOUR STORY. Every person, company and organization has a story to tell. Insomniac Studios finds your voice and shares your story with your core audiences.

Graphic dESIGN

LOOK GOOD. Insomniac Studios can design a new look for your marketing materials. We can also work within your existing identity to seamlessly blend in with your current look.

Public Relations

GET OUT THERE. Our public relations strategies build relationships to further your mission, engage your audience and maintain a dialogue with your supporters.


What We Do

Insomniac Studios is a Rochester, NY, marketing company. Each custom marketing and advertising solution is tailored to our clients’ specific and unique communication needs. We design logos and develop brand identities; produce graphic designs; build websites; take photographs and launch print, online and social media campaigns. Insomniac Studios has worked with entrepreneurial startups, small businesses, large Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations and most everything in between.


Never Rest

The Insomniac Studios philosophy is never rest. It is a promise to be better today than we were yesterday. This usually requires late nights. And coffee. Oh, so much coffee.