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On October 12, 1810, the Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen in Munich, Germany. To mark the royal event, the Bavarian townsfolk were invited to attend a celebration in the fields outside Munich's city gates. The party lasted until October 17. The event was so popular, it was held the next year to celebrate the region's agriculture. Today, Munich's Oktoberfest is the world's largest festival. In 2017, 6.2 million people attended the event, drinking 7.5 million liters, or almost two million gallons, of beer.

Traditionally, Oktoberfest was held in October, as the name suggests. It was moved to September to take advantage of the fairer and warmer weather. 2018 will mark the 185th Oktoberfest. The name Septemberfest never caught on.

Oktoberfest Event Concept

The Rochester, New York, Oktoberfest would celebrate traditional and emerging breweries, local bands and local food. The event would be held at Highland Park during one weekend in September.

Event Name

The event name, Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër, is entirely made up. It is a German-ized portmanteau (a French word for an English suitcase) of the words Rochester, October and Festival. The name revels in an overabundance of umlauts, punctuating every vowel for no linguistic reason. Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër is also fun to say, in the tradition of the neologism Fahrvergnügen, provided this one catches on.

Logo Concept

The Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër Oktoberfest logo. As this Oktoberfest's name is entirely made up and comprises 22 characters, a simple, plain-type logo was the best solution. An alternate version of the logo includes the Rochester, New York, flag flower petal/water wheel design on Bavaria-inspired banner. More information on the Rochester flag can be found in the ADDY Award flag post.

Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër is an annual Oktoberfest event held annually in Rochester, New York. Or, it would if it weren't completely made up. Still, it would be fun. Logo by marketing and advertising agency Insomniac Studios.
Rochester, NY, Oktoberfest logo architecture design by creative marketing agency Insomniac Studios.
An alternative Rochester Oktoberfest logo from marketing and advertising agency Insomniac Studios. This logo version incorporates the city of Rochester, New York’s logo into the blue logo design. Copyright 2018.
Another take on the alternative Rochester Oktoberfest logo. Logo design by marketing and advertising agency Insomniac Studios. This version incorporates the city of Rochester, New York’s, logo into the orange logo design. Copyright 2018.
Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër promotional marketing for Rochester, New York's, Oktoberfest. The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Lederhosen On. Designed by marketing and advertising agency Insomniac Studios, 2018.
A Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër promotional poster. Here's To The Last Days Of Summer Let Us Enjoy Them. Poster design by Rochester marketing and advertising agency Insomniac Studios, 2018.
A Zë Röchëstërtöbërfëstër marketing poster. This Ain't Your Papa's Oom-Pah-Pah Band. Poster design by advertising agency Insomniac Studios, copyright 2018.

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