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How It’s Made


Want to learn how the sausage is made? Oh, sure it can be messy and sometimes you wonder if you're doing it right, but when the dust settles and oven timer dings, you've made delicious, delicious sausage. Or a logo. That metaphor might have run a little amok.


01 Define

Most projects start by listening to a client talk about what they need, where they are going or what they want to be. Sometimes, a project is clear and straightforward. Other times, the client's issue requires a deeper dive into their business. This phase gets everyone on the same page, sets expectations and throws in a deadline or two for good measure.

02 refine

In the Refine phase, the client's goals distill into a deliverable solution and the project takes shape. Maybe it's a new logo or identity. Perhaps it's a better process or procedure. It is in this phase that the larger implications and big-picture issues surface. It's the 'What happens if?' and "Have you thought about _______?' phase.


03 Do and Review

Now, the nuts-and-bolts work begins: the sketch books open, brains storm, ideas are proposed and rejected and someone fires up Photoshop. Ideas emerge as tangible and practical solutions and the client's story takes shape in tone, style, color and form.

04 Deliver

The last client revisions are finished and the files are finalized. After weeks or months of meetings, e-mails, phone calls, cups of coffee and hard work, the finished project is turned over to the client.