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Case Studies


The following are Insomniac Studios marketing case studies. Some are the result of client projects, some are conceptual thought experiments intended to scratch a creative itch.

The latter of the two are intended to be fun, thought-provoking 'what-if' design exercises. For this type of case studies, there are no clients and no meetings. There are no deadlines and, sadly, no paychecks. But, hey, it’s not always about the money. Sometimes, it’s about the creative and technical challenge. Too bad you can’t eat creative and technical challenges.

Case studies designated as ‘from the hip’ exercises indicate they are not the result of a traditional company/client relationship. From the hip marketing and graphic design case studies are independent Insomniac Studios projects. All work presented herein remains the property of Insomniac Studios.


ISEE Logo Design Project

All-Star Pizza Logo Design

University of Rochester Logo

Square Peg Logo Design

New York Finger Lakes Logo

Rochester Oktoberfest